sreda, 25. februar 2009

When the weather finally gets better

the camera comes on a walk with me and the dogs.

I can fly!

Handsome Valjar

From walking, playing crate games and running we haven't done much lately. I'm micro shaping a really cute trick with Wi and we're polishing some old tricks.

Wi finally started to run ahead of me. Before she would slow down when she would catch up with me and look for her reward or just run with me but now she runs past me and goes on without slowing down.

četrtek, 12. februar 2009

Some rare sunny moments

We tried to make the best of it.

Wi got some new trick toys. I'll really have to make a new trick video soon...

torek, 10. februar 2009

2 Years!

I can hardly believe how fast time flies by.

Happy birthday my little red girl!

nedelja, 08. februar 2009

Cat show in Ljubljana

When I grow up I'll...have a cat!

I'm a fan of Turkish Angoras right now (but there weren't any at the show).

sobota, 07. februar 2009

Bad weather

Crazy dogs both went for a swim today...

... retriever thing I guess.

Got to love them.

My paw hurts


She can also lift her back right paw with her mouth and bring me her tail but that's harder to take a photo off.

And a little something more artistic...

četrtek, 05. februar 2009


This quote has to be one of my favorite:

"The main reason for people’s lack of success in life is their willingness to give up what they want most of all, for what they want right now."

Could not agree more.

sreda, 04. februar 2009

Crate Games

I finally got my Crate Games DVD last week.

I'm playing with both dogs and Wi is already at Stage 4, while Dora will now stay at Stage 3 for a while.
Wi has been playing "my" version of Crate Games for a while now and Stages 1-3 were no problem for her even tough we never played Yer Out, Yer In before she got it really fast. Needless to say that Changed My Mind is her favorite game?

Dora was almost never in a crate (she'll be 9,5 years soon) and when she was in she was protesting a lot and couldn't wait to get out. Now she can't wait to get in and show me how good she can be in the crate. She even crammed herself in Wi's plastic crate which is almost too small for her (she could barely turn inside).
She surprised me in Yer Out, Yer In since I expected it would take her a lot more time to decide to go back into the crate but she just stepped outside, looked at me and quickly went back in.
And when my sister tried to get her our she didn't move at all but just looked at me (my parents and sister consider crate as a torture device )

More snow

We got a lot of snow lately. You can tell what the dogs think about it?

We also had an agility trial last Saturday. All I can say is that it's pretty obvious that we didn't have any training since November.
And it doesn't look we'll get any agility training any time soon too. The last Winter cup trial is on the 14th.