četrtek, 26. marec 2009

Fun in the sun

Wi also has a new reflective vest. It's really hard to see her when we work in ticker forests so this is essential. And it's double - layered at the chest so there's less cuts there after trainings (she still gets cuts all over her stomach and legs).

ponedeljek, 16. marec 2009


Takole Nadja, moja 6x6.

Na sliki gre pa za lovljenje DNK na vajah biologije.

torek, 03. marec 2009

Building blocks

I've been busy lately with working at a store and driving lessons so me and Wi haven't worked a lot on any new tricks and we haven't been to agility trainings in weeks.

What we have been working on walks is driving forward and body vaults.
She has gain a lot of speed with both, but she's still very insecure with vaults. She's reacting a lot to my movement so if I move just a little bit she backs away and restarts herself. The main problem is she gets frustrated really fast and I have to be careful not to let her restart herself to many times.
Driving forward is really good now and she really started to pull ahead.

And after a long pause we finally had dummy trainings again. Wi was super excited and she was really loud on her first mark. She was really good after the first mark and calmed down a lot. She also worked with my friend so that I could take a photo of Wi working and I was also a thrower. I retrieved after the throw behind the trees and this really confused her. After she picked up the dummy she began looking for me but once she saw that I made on movement towards her to collect the dummy she ran to my friend who was calling her. We neeed to practice this more...

After the training Wi had some fun with acorns and big tree sticks.

And we meet little Tani. :)