sreda, 14. maj 2008

FMBB2008 & ZOO

On Saturday I helped at
FMBB2008 at the agility ring.
I was mostly taking photos (thanks Andraž for lending me his amazing lens and his Canon EOS 20D when my 350D ran out of batterys).
I had a great time. It was really well organised, everything went smoothly and the weather was great.
I saw some really good agility runs, some less good from contestants from all over the world (only Belgian Shepherds afcourse).
I also saw 2 really young mudi puppys. They were so cute! I'm really sorry that I couldn't get a nice photo of them.
Me being me I also couln't just go past various dog toys, leashes without at least looking at them. At the end I bough one red "sausage" which Wi really loves. The last one I bought didn't stay whole even for 1 day but this one is still like new. And it wasn't even expensive...
Sadly I couldn't see mondio ring. From what I heard is was well worth seeing. Maybe next time.
You can see some amazing photos from Iztok Noč (and some mine at the end) here:
(click on the Svetovno prvenstvo belgijskih ovčarjev)

Next day (on Sunday) me and Wi went to Ljubljana's ZOO where we met up with Lenka and Dee.
Wi was not very confident around dolphin-shaped trash bin but after some shaping I got her to touch it, sniff it and see that it wasn't going to eat her. She was also not sure what to think of a smaller hog. Elephant Ganga wasn't interesting to her nor the giraffes.
Both dogs behaved really well and recived some compliments about it (and about their tricks).

Currently I'm at home, recovering and resting. Hopefully I'll be OK before friday and fully healed on Saturday when me and Wi arre going to PNZ - test for natural abilitys.