ponedeljek, 18. maj 2009

Agility trial in Ložnica

Last Saturday we competed at an agility trial in Ložnica.
It was really hot and we hadn't trained in a while so I wasn't really expecting anything.

In agility she ran nicely but she's still holding herself back at trials. She can be a lot faster in training. But compared to her first trial almost a year ago, she's getting faster.
Agility was quite easy. I was only worried about the teeter and later on dog-walk since it's quite common for her to stop at the beginning of the dog-walk if she did the teeter before it. This time she didn't stop at the bottom of the dog-walk. However she was still slow on the dog-walk too. After the competition we did the dog-walk a few more times and it was better.
She missed the contact on the dog-walk and we got 5 points.

In jumping she hit the weave entry nicely and we got a clean run.
In the end we finished 3rd.

sreda, 06. maj 2009

Double crate training

Today I took out 2 crates and I did some double crate training with Wi.

First we played Crate games with only one crate. She has really good speed when driving towards the crate and back. It's also easy to transfer her enthusiasm into tugging and I can easily move around the backyard, setting up jumps, moving her crate, and getting food while she tugs.
Then I set up her second crate and we did some sending back and forward. I also put a jump between the crates. She showed great focus on her task and her jumping was really nice too.

Here you can see her drive in and out of the crate:

I think it's about time I buy her a bigger crate...one that she can turn fast in, without breaking herself in two or turning it upside down.