ponedeljek, 30. junij 2008

Agility competition in Domžale

On Saturday we competed for real.
In agility I was really nervous and my handling wasn't anything at all. Wi started better than last aturday but stopped dead right before the teeter. She didn't want to go on it at first but eventully she got on. She also missed slalom entrance a few times. My fault since I was so nervous I was sending her in at the wrong place. Should have stayed behind and let her find it herself.
And she also stopped infront of the dog walk. I think she tought it was the teeter again since she didn't even want to step on it. She slowed down a lot at the top but relaxed in the middle and even started to run again on the down plank. We really need to practice on more dogwalks and teeters so she gets used ot them.
In jumping she was again in a good mood and I was less nervous. After 2nd jump she wanted to greet the judge but I called her off before she could do that and I again blocker her way in slalom. But we got through with 10 penalty points and some points for the time. But I was really happy with her performance. Way to go Wi!

We have our next competition in a few days and then we can rest for about 2 months (no competitions in Slovenia).

Some photos from Ljubljana (photos by Tina Šolar):

torek, 24. junij 2008

Hiking, agility & dogs

Last week we went on some longer walks and one of them was a hike on Blegoš. Me and Maja (and the dogs) were almolst the only people there, the sun was shining and the wind wasn't to strong so we really had a great time.

On Saturday Wi ran in agility competition for the first time!
She was a test dog since her teeter performance isn't good enough yet. But next Saturday we're going to compete for real. I hope I'll be much calmer...
Wi's speed wasn't great but that's partly my fault. I was too nervous to motivate her enough and I even managed to forget where slalom was (that's why she missed it).
Her speed was about 3.8 m/s I'm hoping she will have at least 4 m/s on our next trial.

And...from Sunday on I'm dogsitting Lizzie and catsitting Ahti and Aino. And from today on aussie Ginny has joined our pack for a few days.

It's never dull around here.

ponedeljek, 09. junij 2008

Soriška planina

Yesterday we went hiking to Soriška planina and it's nearby hillls and to see some bunkers.
The weather was nice despite some rain showers and strong wind. There was even a little sun after noon. We both ha d a really nice time. I was mostly chatting and enjoying the view and WI was running around and playing with Amelie (Parson terrier).
We also went into 3 bunkers. Wi was very comfortable in them and was climbing in and out of line openings and she even managed to crawel through 20cm holes.

I really hope we'll repeat this soon.

And today I was feeling really well (no muscle pain after yesterdays 5 h walk) so I ran additional 0.5km in the morning. That would bring to a total of 4.5-5km (I really need to get a watch to know exactly how much I run).

And it feels good.

petek, 06. junij 2008

Backward weaving

Yes! It's a new "How to teach ..." video!


sreda, 04. junij 2008

Catching up

It's been a while since my last post here. I still have one more week of school work ahead of me but then (hopefully) I'll be done untill next school year.

And now some quick updates on what was happening in the last month.

On 17th Wi passed her PNZ exam (test of natural abilitys)!
She got 39/50 point. We would get more if I wouldn't be her handler and woulnd't make some really stupid mistakes. But at least now I know what are problems are and what to work on untill our hunting exam and hunting competition in autumn.

Wi learned some new tricks. Here's one of them:

I promisse I'll try to get someone to tape our newest tricks.

In agility we started doing the dogwalk in course. So far she has showed a little progress. She still needs to get more confident on the dogwalk. We're also doing the teeter as the final obstacle (Polona is still holding one end). She really loves it now and really speeds up when she sees that it's the next obstacle. So hopefully we're be ready to compete in Ljubljana on the 21st of June.

Target training
Today I tried out a target stick with base. Here are 2 videos on which you sadly can't see the target but you can see how fast Wi is when she's going towards the target. Little red torpedo.

Some random photos