četrtek, 21. februar 2008

More trick videos

Today we mostly did tricks (see videos below), some obedience, frisbee and contacts.

I worked with Wi and Dora on obedience today. We did mostly heeling and I did a few recalls and aports with Wi.
If tommorow will be as sunny as today I'll try and get some of it on video (both dogs).
Wi did really nice heelwork and her outside turns were lovely too...especially considering we didn't do obedience in a while now.
Dora was her old self. Her heelwork is nice as always but she has problems with inside turns and turning on spot. And she's also too slow when it comes to sit down.

Covering head with a towel - 5th session

New trick!
Lifting left legs - 1st session (dispite many attempts to convince me that lifting back legs is the right thing I think she got the point)

And 2nd session (she's really starting to get the idea)

I'm trying to teach her to lift her left legs the same way I tought her to lift her right legs. I'm curious if she'll figure out faster what I want her to do...

sreda, 20. februar 2008

Mud, mud, mud...


Yeah...training grounds at KD Krim are one big mud puddle. I even managed to fall into one of the biggest ones today:

And...Wi got her pheasant today!!!
Many thanks to Tjaša G. for it.

And let's not forget Valjar...

Some photos from today's agility training (mostly taken by Lenka)

And slalom!

Video of 4th trick training session will come later in the evening

Update! I finally downloaded the video:

torek, 19. februar 2008

Trick - 3rd day

First of all...Wi's heat is over!
Now she can sleep freely in my bed again.

3rd day of teaching Wi to cover her head with a towel:

Today we had our training in KD Ilirija but it didn't go well at all. Wi was ultra slow today. I mean...she had days when she wasn't as fast as she can bee but this time she was even slower. So we did some simple jump + tunnel combinations but she was really slow. We also did A-frame at full height twice. 1. wasn't that good but she didn't get enough speed on the jumps to proberly do it anyway, but the 2. was really nice.
We also did running contacts on the dogwalk. The first half was pretty good, but the other half was terrible. She only made 2 really nice contacts. We'll see how it will go tommorow.
Now for the thing she did very good today...slalom! We're doing the channel method and today I closed the channel.
Sadly I don't have Wi taped while doing the closed channel...only open ones we did before:


ponedeljek, 18. februar 2008

Teaching a new trick 1

Today I started to teach Wi a new trick - covering her head with a blanket. At first I rewarded any interaction with the blanket and this was my plan for her first session, but since she's such a genius she was already throwing the blanket up in the air and over herself in just a few clicks.
I taped 2 sessions on the video that were made about 20 minutes apart. You can see how short our sessions really are. And I included a bit of trick revision in the end. You can see she can already do a few steps on her front legs outside too.

Such a good doggy.

From last Friday we have an additional dog in the household. A Rough Collie Valj. Intact male...
Since Wi is still in heat (23rd day today) they're separated but the poor chap isn't too happy about this. Hopefully Wi will end her 1st heat soon.
Otherwise he's a real cuddle bear.

Last Friday and Saturday Wi went to school with me because we had information day at our school. She was "the sick dog" and we showed a few ways how to hold the dog on her and how a normal examination looks like. She also showed her tricks. The most popular ones are the "ku-ku" and handstand trick. And afcourse jumping on my back.
We also had a stuffed daschound there and Wi tough it was real. I had to hide ti from her or she started to bark at it then whine and then she wanted to play with it. I'm still mad I didn't record it...she was hilarious!

četrtek, 14. februar 2008

Birthday girl

On February 11th Wi was 1 year old!

Happy birthday little Wi!

We spent 10th (Sunday) in the mountains where we were hiking for 5 hours and enjoying the snow and sunshine.

In other news I got an unusual reaction to my medicine so I had to go see a doctor again today and got some new medicine.

Wi is still in heat. Except for 3 males who ocasionally come to our house things have been pretty quiet. Even though she's peeing and sniffing around more than usually (way more!) she was amazing yesterday at agility training. I was the first time we I decided to do the A-frame in course (some obstacles before and then after). First we did only A-frame, then some jumps + A-frame but none of the contacts were made really good as I know she can make them better. On the last try we did it alll without me stopping after the A-frame or slowing down (I just ran towards the next obstacle) and she did the contact better then ever and continued to do the course (about 6-8 more obstacles) without a flaw! Even dog-walk contacts looked good...

četrtek, 07. februar 2008


Yeah...I got sick.
I went to see a doctor yesterday and she prescribed me some huge pills I have to take every 12 hours for the next 10 days and some rest and no school. :-(

The weather perked up and now it's sunny and I'm not well enough to go ona a walk with the dogs.
I was feeling well enought today to do some contacts with both dogs and even tape it.
First some photos:

And the video:

ponedeljek, 04. februar 2008

9th day

It's still raining today so our agility training will probably be cancelled this week.
We did some contacts outside in the rain and Wi was again really good. :-)

We also made our walk a bit shorter today as both dogs got me so wet I was to cold to go on.
Instead we did more clicker training today. Here's a short video of one of Wi's clicker trainings:

Today we're also going back to te vet's with Dora so he'll remove the tube from her shoulder.

nedelja, 03. februar 2008

8th day

Today is 8th day of Wi's first heat.
Apart from more sniffing around the trees and taller objects on walks she's just the same crazy self.

Dora was at the vets a few days ago because an abscess has formed on her right shoulder due to the dog bite previous week. The vet put a tube in her shoulder since there was a lot of liquid inside and we're taking it out tomorrow. Right now both dogs are dressed...Wi wears pants and Dora a shirt.

I took Wi with me today for a bit of running. She loved it as always.
When we went back I accidentally threw (did I mention I'm a bad thrower?) her Kong of the path and off a small cliff. Wi got down no problem and retrieved the Kong but then she couldn't get back the way she got down. She kept jumping up the slope (and sliding back down) when finally she saw that there was a lower slope just a few steps away. She got back up there in a second but managed to get dirt all over her Ruffwear harness. So when we got back home Wi and the harness both went into the bathtub.

The bathtub is now used almost every day at least twice. Since the weather is so messy and there's always rain the ground around has turned into mud. Our backyard has almost no grass on it anymore = the result of training running contacts almost everyday there. So now after every walk or training outside Wi has to be bathed or the whole house is brown and filled with her paw prints and drops of mud and water (when she shakes). Yesterday it was raining and we went out to do a bit of contact training. We only did 5 contacts (4 were really really good, 1 wasn't made because she slipped and jumped off) and went straight back in...Wi was full of mud! And then she decided she wants to see what Dora has in her bowl so she made a nice little mud trail from the terrace to Dora's sleeping place...and then she broke her stay when I went to get a towel so the whole house was muddy. And the stairs...and the bathroom...and she managed to clog the drain with her mud.
I sure hope the weather will perk up a bit soon. Not that this means the dog won't be wet or dirty.

On Friday I took Wi with me to school again. She again was showing her tricks almost every break (and during my gym class) cudling here and there althoug she never went far away from me and ignored everything and everyone while working.
After class we went straight to Tivoli park with a friend of mine and her mix Rex to wait for Urška and Lu. We then went for a 3h walk around Tivoli, Rožnik, Mostec etc. We both loved it and even some rain drops didn't stop us. She finally went to sleep in the car.

A tired dog is a happy dog.