četrtek, 14. februar 2008

Birthday girl

On February 11th Wi was 1 year old!

Happy birthday little Wi!

We spent 10th (Sunday) in the mountains where we were hiking for 5 hours and enjoying the snow and sunshine.

In other news I got an unusual reaction to my medicine so I had to go see a doctor again today and got some new medicine.

Wi is still in heat. Except for 3 males who ocasionally come to our house things have been pretty quiet. Even though she's peeing and sniffing around more than usually (way more!) she was amazing yesterday at agility training. I was the first time we I decided to do the A-frame in course (some obstacles before and then after). First we did only A-frame, then some jumps + A-frame but none of the contacts were made really good as I know she can make them better. On the last try we did it alll without me stopping after the A-frame or slowing down (I just ran towards the next obstacle) and she did the contact better then ever and continued to do the course (about 6-8 more obstacles) without a flaw! Even dog-walk contacts looked good...

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Main pravi ...

She is a lovely looking girl. Love that last picture of her. A real portrait.

The puppy pic is also very sweet!!