torek, 19. februar 2008

Trick - 3rd day

First of all...Wi's heat is over!
Now she can sleep freely in my bed again.

3rd day of teaching Wi to cover her head with a towel:

Today we had our training in KD Ilirija but it didn't go well at all. Wi was ultra slow today. I mean...she had days when she wasn't as fast as she can bee but this time she was even slower. So we did some simple jump + tunnel combinations but she was really slow. We also did A-frame at full height twice. 1. wasn't that good but she didn't get enough speed on the jumps to proberly do it anyway, but the 2. was really nice.
We also did running contacts on the dogwalk. The first half was pretty good, but the other half was terrible. She only made 2 really nice contacts. We'll see how it will go tommorow.
Now for the thing she did very good today...slalom! We're doing the channel method and today I closed the channel.
Sadly I don't have Wi taped while doing the closed channel...only open ones we did before:


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