nedelja, 31. avgust 2008

Agi4fun & Bohinj

A week ago we we're at agility 4fun in KD Barje. My goal was to get Wi confortable on even more new agility equiptment.
In agility run I hold the teeter and she didn't stop at the bototm at all. She hasitated a little but she realxed quickly. Othervparts we're also very good. Se also didn't stop at the dogwalk. She didn't run it like she normaly does but it was a big improvment. In jumping I forgot her left/right commands and we had a refusal at the tunnel...I kept turning her away from the entry.
In the end we landed on 8th place.
After that we had a little game where everyone ran the same course. Becouse jumping height for large was at 65 cm and Wi is currently jumping on 55 cm I enterd her in Medium class (45 cm). This time she did her dogwalk more similar to what she does at trainings. I was really happy about this. She also went crazy over jumps 'cuz she's really comfortable on this jumping height (but she's getting more confortable on 55 cm too).
After that we did some more dogwalks and she just dashed over and over them.
Goal accomplished.

We also met Sia's new puppy Bi. Bi thinks Wi is great fun and Wi keeps saying she doesn't exist.

2 days later we went in Bohinj for the whole day with Maja and her PRT Amelie and FCR Bajk.
All 3 dogs first did some work with bumpers:

After that we went along the shore of the lake to find ourselfs a nice semi-deserted spot where dogs wouldn't bother anyone.
Bajk barely left the water, Wi was constantly looking for any chance of saving stone from shallow water and Amelie was looking for things to steal from Bajk and Wi.
Wi also did some left/right circles when asked to and she circled around me in the water in the direction I asked her to circle me. I was surprised how well she generalised this command executions in water enviroment. She couldn't swim backward tough...but she tried.

sobota, 30. avgust 2008

Big surprise

Today we were at an agility competition in Selce. Wi's in heat for 6 days now and in the morning she wasn't really excited to go into such a big group of dogs. But mostly males still don't even realise she's in heat. I hope it'll stay this way.

So in agility I reved her up a bit with some food. I wasn't nervous at all becouse I decided to hold the teeter up so she will go on it faster and with this dq us. But...after we came to the teeter I placed my hand below it, ready to hold it up when Wi suddenly ran up it. I quickly removed my hand and Wi did the teeter even better than she does it at trainings lately. The weave entry was a bit tricky but I let Wi more space and she nailed it. She even went on the dogwalk without stopping at the bottom. The contact was really bad (one foot at the very top) and she was more trotting over it than anything else but we managed to run clear and get our first (out of 3) clean run in agility for A2.
In jumping we got dq becouse I was "to lazy" to move more towards the right tunnel entry. Othervise we would have 2 clean runs and a 1st place.
Maybe next time.

I was really pruod of her. She was really focused and she's really showing improvment on every competiton. At the end she showed she really can run agility + work with dummys and game in the same day and show great enthusiasm (and drive + style for the later) with both.

Wi at 18,5 motnhs (47 cm + 15kg)

sobota, 16. avgust 2008

Couldn't resist... now I have yet another new addition to my lens set.
Here are some photos taken with my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Toller Speciality 2008

As some of you already know me and Wi went to the Toller speciality in Sweden this year. It was held a few km out of Stockholm, 1st - 3rd August.
We went there with Wi's breeder and Wi's half-sister Lille (MMH's Donoma).
During the drive we also stopped at the seaside where both dogs got to enjoy the sea and sandy beaches.

On Friday me and Wi first started with obedience (Class 1). Due to some people missing we we're up first. I was really nervous and this resulted in me giving Wi some double commands in some ex. In heeling Wi got really distracted by everything around her (there we're 3 rings around us and in every ring a dog was working his round). But after heeling she relaxed again and her off-leash heeling part was loads better (tough it could be even better). She was also a bit slow in the recall but she came to me very nicely. I the "retrieve" ex. she grabbed the dumbell nicely but I left of it too soon and it fell down a bit in her mouth and we lost a point becouse of this. The last ex. was recall over the hurdle. This she never did before and she did it perfectly. But we lost points becouse I did a double command (first said her name and then called her...out of pure habbit ).
Overall we got just enough points to advance to Class 2 and to get 5th place in our group. Overall in all classes there we're only 10 dogs who got the 1st prize class. We we're one of them so I'm really proud of her.
Our class was won by Melanie and Mocca, our new friends. Mocca also became Obedience Toller of the year!!!

After obedience we went to Working test. There were 5 stations. My goals was to get through them all without a 0. And we did it! And not only we got though without a 0, we got enough points to place 20th out of 93 dogs! And Wi's half-sisters Lille and Bitti we're 3rd and 2nd and Wi's aunt Jill (same mother as Wi's dad) was 1st.

On Saturday we weren't enterd anywhere so we took this day to relax and in the afternoon we went to see agility competition and to cheer for our friend Inke and Cayuga. Agility Toller fo the year was Jill's brother and Wi's uncle.

On Sunday we attended conformation show. Wi was entered in the Intermedia class and was judged by Annmarie Maeland. There we're 20 bitches entered in our class. Wi's breeder was handling WI in the ring becouse she always runs badly with me (she keeps getting into heel position and then runs like a show horse). She ran nicely and got a HP (something like and excellent and was chosen as the 4th best bitch in her class.

Overall we had a blast. We met a lot fo new people and made some friends, got a lot of experiences and I got a lot of new ideas for our trainings.
Maybe next year we'll do even better.

More photos can be seen here: Album