sreda, 31. december 2008

Goals for 2009

My goals with Wi for next year are:
- build her drive for toys
- include more distance work in our training
- get to class III in Obedience
- teach her how to jump properly
- start competing in A2
- pass hunting test with 1st prize class

And for me? Finally get my drivers license.

torek, 30. december 2008

Almost gone

Hiking weekend

Last weekend we spent our days hiking with our friends in Kamniška Bistrica and on Mežakla.

I love hiking with my friends and our dogs. I love to stop and just enjoy the nature all around me, take photos of everything we encounter on our way, of our dogs or ourselves. I take the whole thing pretty easily and it's never about reaching the destination in the shortest time possible. I just don't see the point in getting somewhere as fast as possible if you have the whole day to spend outside. And neither does Wi. She loves being outside but she loves it even more when we do something together. During hikes she get's to climb trees and fallen logs, big rocks, jump over things, run around trees, tug with me (with a stick or a tug toy), catch snowballs or chase her ball. Just walking isn't fun for her and she sure knows how to make this obvious to me.
I don't care if I spend 10 hours in the mountains to get somewhere where I could get in half less time.
For me it's not about destination. Sometimes we don't even get where we're heading but we still have a nice hike.

This week and weekend I'm hoping we can "squeeze in" one more hike or two. Then it's back to school and occupied weekends for me.

torek, 23. december 2008

1st competition for Winter Cup 2008/2009

Last weekend we had our first indoor competition. It was held in a riding hall in Postojna.
This was first time on obstacles for Wi after 2 months. We didn't manage to get any trainings in before the competition.
In agility she made her last exam for A2 and was 4th overall. She wasn't fast but she also had no refusals on any obstacles, including the dreaded teeter. The contacts were all done but I hope next time she will already show more speed on the dogwalk.
In jumping we had another clean run and ended in 3rd place in A1 large.

I was happy about her attitude in the hall. I was a bit concerned she would shut down but she was far from that. She played like crazy (I made her a new toy a day before and she loves it!), tugging, even growling at times. She was relaxed and I could leave her in her crate even if it was opened. She had her crate by the ring. We also did some Crate games while other dogs ran. No problems.

Also we have a new video:

ponedeljek, 08. december 2008

Dokken's Pheasant

Wi's gift for St.Nicholas day.
She loves it...typical retriever.

We worked on some weaving today. I took 4 sticks to the woods with me and we trained some entries during the walk.
Our training grounds are still "flooded" so we can't train agility on it.
I hope we get to train soon. Our 1st winter trial is in less than 2 weeks and we haven't trained since early November.

petek, 05. december 2008

Snow & rain

Last week we got some snow but it didn't last long. And now we have rain, rain and some more rain.
Wi found her own entertainment with "talking" donkey toy.

And this is her after winning a game of tug with her sheepy octopus.