nedelja, 31. avgust 2008

Agi4fun & Bohinj

A week ago we we're at agility 4fun in KD Barje. My goal was to get Wi confortable on even more new agility equiptment.
In agility run I hold the teeter and she didn't stop at the bototm at all. She hasitated a little but she realxed quickly. Othervparts we're also very good. Se also didn't stop at the dogwalk. She didn't run it like she normaly does but it was a big improvment. In jumping I forgot her left/right commands and we had a refusal at the tunnel...I kept turning her away from the entry.
In the end we landed on 8th place.
After that we had a little game where everyone ran the same course. Becouse jumping height for large was at 65 cm and Wi is currently jumping on 55 cm I enterd her in Medium class (45 cm). This time she did her dogwalk more similar to what she does at trainings. I was really happy about this. She also went crazy over jumps 'cuz she's really comfortable on this jumping height (but she's getting more confortable on 55 cm too).
After that we did some more dogwalks and she just dashed over and over them.
Goal accomplished.

We also met Sia's new puppy Bi. Bi thinks Wi is great fun and Wi keeps saying she doesn't exist.

2 days later we went in Bohinj for the whole day with Maja and her PRT Amelie and FCR Bajk.
All 3 dogs first did some work with bumpers:

After that we went along the shore of the lake to find ourselfs a nice semi-deserted spot where dogs wouldn't bother anyone.
Bajk barely left the water, Wi was constantly looking for any chance of saving stone from shallow water and Amelie was looking for things to steal from Bajk and Wi.
Wi also did some left/right circles when asked to and she circled around me in the water in the direction I asked her to circle me. I was surprised how well she generalised this command executions in water enviroment. She couldn't swim backward tough...but she tried.

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