sobota, 30. avgust 2008

Big surprise

Today we were at an agility competition in Selce. Wi's in heat for 6 days now and in the morning she wasn't really excited to go into such a big group of dogs. But mostly males still don't even realise she's in heat. I hope it'll stay this way.

So in agility I reved her up a bit with some food. I wasn't nervous at all becouse I decided to hold the teeter up so she will go on it faster and with this dq us. But...after we came to the teeter I placed my hand below it, ready to hold it up when Wi suddenly ran up it. I quickly removed my hand and Wi did the teeter even better than she does it at trainings lately. The weave entry was a bit tricky but I let Wi more space and she nailed it. She even went on the dogwalk without stopping at the bottom. The contact was really bad (one foot at the very top) and she was more trotting over it than anything else but we managed to run clear and get our first (out of 3) clean run in agility for A2.
In jumping we got dq becouse I was "to lazy" to move more towards the right tunnel entry. Othervise we would have 2 clean runs and a 1st place.
Maybe next time.

I was really pruod of her. She was really focused and she's really showing improvment on every competiton. At the end she showed she really can run agility + work with dummys and game in the same day and show great enthusiasm (and drive + style for the later) with both.

Wi at 18,5 motnhs (47 cm + 15kg)

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Cool surprise for you! :D Congratulations!