ponedeljek, 18. februar 2008

Teaching a new trick 1

Today I started to teach Wi a new trick - covering her head with a blanket. At first I rewarded any interaction with the blanket and this was my plan for her first session, but since she's such a genius she was already throwing the blanket up in the air and over herself in just a few clicks.
I taped 2 sessions on the video that were made about 20 minutes apart. You can see how short our sessions really are. And I included a bit of trick revision in the end. You can see she can already do a few steps on her front legs outside too.

Such a good doggy.

From last Friday we have an additional dog in the household. A Rough Collie Valj. Intact male...
Since Wi is still in heat (23rd day today) they're separated but the poor chap isn't too happy about this. Hopefully Wi will end her 1st heat soon.
Otherwise he's a real cuddle bear.

Last Friday and Saturday Wi went to school with me because we had information day at our school. She was "the sick dog" and we showed a few ways how to hold the dog on her and how a normal examination looks like. She also showed her tricks. The most popular ones are the "ku-ku" and handstand trick. And afcourse jumping on my back.
We also had a stuffed daschound there and Wi tough it was real. I had to hide ti from her or she started to bark at it then whine and then she wanted to play with it. I'm still mad I didn't record it...she was hilarious!

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