četrtek, 21. februar 2008

More trick videos

Today we mostly did tricks (see videos below), some obedience, frisbee and contacts.

I worked with Wi and Dora on obedience today. We did mostly heeling and I did a few recalls and aports with Wi.
If tommorow will be as sunny as today I'll try and get some of it on video (both dogs).
Wi did really nice heelwork and her outside turns were lovely too...especially considering we didn't do obedience in a while now.
Dora was her old self. Her heelwork is nice as always but she has problems with inside turns and turning on spot. And she's also too slow when it comes to sit down.

Covering head with a towel - 5th session

New trick!
Lifting left legs - 1st session (dispite many attempts to convince me that lifting back legs is the right thing I think she got the point)

And 2nd session (she's really starting to get the idea)

I'm trying to teach her to lift her left legs the same way I tought her to lift her right legs. I'm curious if she'll figure out faster what I want her to do...

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