ponedeljek, 10. marec 2008

Bad, bad Polona

I'm really bad at uploading sometimes...

I'm getting through all my school work and learning and training both dogs. So far everything is a bit of a chaos but we're getting through.

Everything is still more or less mud, mud and more mud.
We didn't do much contact work in a while and judging by the weather conditions we won't be able to do it for at least a few more days. We did however train some jumping courses with slalom and jumps at 55 cm!!! I was really proud at her. The jumps didn't give her any problems, she just flew over them and she managed to find slalom entrances every time no matter from which direction I sent her in.

Retriever training
Some more photos of our trainings with stuffed rabbit and pheasant and a real duck (fresh):

How did she do?
Better than I expected.
We still have problems with water entries. If she sees a way to get closer to the duck on land she'll go there. She doesn't go directly in the water except if she already found out that there isn't an entries way in.
And she realized relatively fast where to grab the duck. At first she grabbed it by the tail but all she was left with were feathers, she quickly rethought her idea of grabbing it by the legs and when carrying by the wing didn't prove successful too she finally grabbed it right.

Today I decided I'll start clicking for every time she nicely jumps in the air after the every time. SO far she showed a bit of improvement in frequency of jump-catches and her jumping style actually got a lot better (and safer!!!)
We didn't do frisbee in a while now since the weather wasn't nice (rain and wind) so today we did mostly indoor throwing and some rollers/short throws outside the house.
I'm really looking forward to our frisbee seminar in April.

We learned a new trick. Hopefully I'll manage to tape it soon (or just put the one I made with my mobile camera on here) and I'll start recording our clicker sessions (left feet up, covering her head) again. We didn't do any of this after last blog entry and we did something else instead.

Some photos from our yesterday's trip to Sv. Primož:
Photos by Lenka

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