nedelja, 23. marec 2008

Snow for Easter

That's right. Yesterday it was snowing all day in Ljubljana. The dogs were happy about this since snowball are one of their biggest passions.

SLR registry
On Friday I got Wi's pedigree back from KZS (Slovenian Kennel Club). Wi is now registred as the first Toller in Slovenia.
Mic Mac Hunter's Eyvwiin: SLRNSR - 000001

Last week I read a book about clicker training and it had some more info on targeting (stick, mat, chin, pawsetc.). Untill some weeks ago I didn't give much on target training since I didn't know that much about it but since then I started to use it more often and I'm really surprised at how many things you can learn with this. Right now I'm teaching her with target mat (a bathroom rug) the "front" position for Canine Freestyle.
Here's a training video of Wi and her target mat:

I'll try to tape our other trainings too. Since I'll be home almost all week I'll have plenty of time to do it.

And...Wi's getting her hips and elbows X-rayed in 2 days. I'm really interested what the results will be.

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SallyPeters pravi ...

Great blog. I have done agility for a few years, but am still learning and I love your videos. I am learning so much from them. Keep posting. Do you use a word to teach Wi new tricks. What word do you use for this new one. What word do you use for the rear leg lift or right legs?

Where did you get your dog? I think she is so pretty and energetic. She is a month older than my doggie! Great videos, tricks and music.

Azu pravi ...

I add a cue word for each trick once she already know how do to a trick and is offering it herself.
For the both legs up I use "Leve gor" (Left up), both right legs up "Desne gor" (Right up), for the left rear leg lift "Li" and for the right "Lu".

I got her from a NSDTR breeder in Germany (Kennel Mic Mac Hunter's)

I'm glad you like our blog. :-)

Sally pravi ...

Thanks for the info. It helps to know what word is a good one. Hopefully the more tricks I learn/teach, I will come up with good words. What does Li/Lu translate to?

Are there many agility trials in Germany? I traveled there to work many times. My favorite was Bavaria. I learned to figure out some german language, but I wish I could speak/read more. Tschuss!

Azu pravi ...

Li and Lu don't really translate into anything. They're just 2 words I tought I could use for this trick. It's the same with Liok (circling around the object with front paws on it), Tuon (2on-2off position) etc.
The most important thing is that YOU know what word is for each trick. The dog can only get it right if you get it right. ;-)

I don't know how many trials there are in Germany but here in Slovenia we have about 30 trials a year.