ponedeljek, 17. marec 2008

PC problems

Yeah I had some PC problems over the last weeks but hopefully they're over now.

I managed to send Wi's pedigree to KZS. Hopefully we'll get it back soon (and see which number she has).

Here's a video mix of Wi's agility training last week (club and home):

This was the first time she did an obstacle after the DW. She did slow down a bit at first but after every try she slowed down less and she again got more and more confident and started to hit the contact lower.
Now if we could only do something with our teeter problem...

There was a charity run in Ljubjana yesterday called Repkov tek. Me and WI didn't run but we did a bit of trick showing during agility and trick presentation of KD Krim. Except for the fact she got a bit overexcited and when she started hiding her eyes under her paw I couldn't stop her, she did great. There was a lot of dogs around and people but she didn't seem to care about them at all. Even when we played afterwards and I was throwing her ball near people she payed them no attention.

And...2 more months untill our 1st agility competition!!!

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Xsara ... pravi ...

A vi ste tud iz Crnuc? Nikoli vas ne vidim na sprehodu ... Midve sva na tem koncu pri Jezi (kjer je bil Rugelj) - ce boste kdaj za kaksen skupen sprehod, kar sporocite!
Lusten blog, by the way :)

Anonimni pravi ...

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Guciek pravi ...

Really nice blog ;)
I will go to read other posts :)

Azu pravi ...

Xsara, se bomo zmenili kdaj za kakšen sprehod. ;-)
Jaz in Wi se drugače sprehajava večinoma po Sračji, če je lepo vreme greva pa z rolerji do Ježe ali pa še malo dlje.