petek, 28. marec 2008

Not my week

This week has been almost nothing but one downfall after another.

On Monday out agility training was cancelled due to snow, on Wednesday I tought it's going to rain so I didn't go to Bohinj. Guess was sunny!
Yesterday I planned to go to Ajdovščina for a bit of agility training (Wi would get a chance to practice on a unknown dog-walk, teeter, a-frame and weaves) but I got sick. Also our walk to school on Golovec was canceled due to rain.
And today I'm still not feeling fit and healthy and it's raining again.

So much for all the plans I had for this week.

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Sally pravi ...

It must have come over to the US because we had a rainy weekend too. It was raining all day. My doggies were so full of energy. I let them run out in the rain some. I had to dry them up 3 or 4 times today! Not much practice this week. I have a trial this weekend so I hope we can get a little practice in.

Sally pravi ...
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