torek, 01. april 2008

Up and down we go...

...and we really do.

There's been very nice weather so far but the forecast for the next days isn't so nice. I also have a frisbee seminar on Saturday and another seminar on Sunday (also dog related). So hopefully it won't rain on the day I have frisbee seminar but it can rain on Sunday since I'll be inside all the time.

Canine Freestyle
We are slowly putting together our routine for Celje - I still don't know if we're doing it there becouse I still didn't get any conformation about it
If I don't get an answer soon I'll just cancel the whole thing and use this routine another time for some other event. But we won't be doing it on request of this person anymore.

We have learned a few new CF moves and "tricks". I'll try to tape our routine when I finish it.

First of all we won't be doing the dog-walk for a while. For some time now she had more than 50% bad contacts or even more. Now we're back on the plank and I'm hoping she didn't get to much muscle memory on the dog-walk . Now our plan is as follows:
  • 60 reps a day, 3 sessions with 20 reps
  • I only raise the plank when she has 100% for at least 3 days
  • When she has 100% for at least 2 days I add an obstacle (little tunnel or a cone for turning) after it
That's my plan...let's hope it will work.

Today at Polona's training she had some really good moments and there were a lot of handling mistakes fro my part. Bad handler.
What surprised me was that she popped out of the weaves! This is the second time tis week she has done this. She never did anything like this before. I'm a bit worried about this...but her entrys are still very nice.

As mentioned above we're going to a frisbee seminar on Saturday. I'm really excited abot it.
And since Friday (I think...) Wi is jumping after frisbees when I throw them at a distance. Before she just ran and then waited for them to drop so low she didn't have to jump. But now she's jumping AND she's jumping really nicely - landing on all 4 legs at once. And...she did a flip!

So as you can see we have some ups and some downs. But the most inmortant thing is we're having fun and enjoy every single day.

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Sally pravi ...

I started to blog my training so it would get me moving! We are no where like you are with Wi, but we are going to journal our training in our blog. check it out if you want too.

We will try to keep it interesting.