sreda, 30. april 2008

Lake, bike and psycho dog

On Monday we (me, Lenka, Wi, Dee, my mom and Dora) went to lake Zbiljsko.
All dogs had fun, Wi and Dora were swimming and Dee was observing from the shore and playing around in the mud. Wi again found Dee's squeaky toy and couldn't keep away from it.
We also tried her new bumper and she loved it!

There were also some swans that kept following us but after a while they went away. Wi was observing them all the time and kept ker distance (smart dog!).
Dora was very usual. Wi was also barking her head off while I was throwing her sticks, but she was quiet while we worked with the bumper.
She almolst lost her Chicken Cuz in the lake (there was a small current and the Cuz started to float away and Wi lost sight of it) but luckly she managed to find it.
After the swimming we went back and stoped at a big patch of grass filled with dandelions. Both Tollers loved running around in it and you can guess how their paws looked after they got back on the greyish road.
In the car all dogs were quiet and Wi and Dee soon fell asleep.
I can't say how much I love the fact that Toller's coat dries up extra fast. Once we were home Wi wasn't dirty and muddy at all and was nice, dry and clean. Apparently Dee was the same (but she looked like a bigger pig when we left).
The weather was really nice too (sun, sun and more sun) and dispite the fact my pants were soaked as much as they could get soaked (Wi kept leaning on me after she came out of the water) I had a blast.
We definetly have to repeat that sometime soon.

Yesterday I overslept a bit and we didn't go on our morning bikeride because when I woke up it was raining. But since our agility training was cancelled 'cuz of the rain we could go bikejoring in the afternoon. And so we did.
We met very little people, only one dog, some cows and horses and Wi again had to go into the water 101 times before we got back home.

Psycho dog
This is usually the word people use when they see/hear Wi and her ssqueaky toy. She just keeps twiching with her mouth while holding the toy and all you can hear all the time are quick and short squeaks.
I bough her the same squeak toy (just a bit diffrent size and color as Dee's) and she just can't take her eyes off it. She even stopped chewing Lizzie's bone when she saw it and "attached" my pockets (tapping them with her paws).
I used it today while doing contacts and she literally flew over jumps, plank and did her turn around the tree and cone (contacts were all really good).

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Jennifer pravi ...

Hi! you're really amazing whit Wi. It inspires me whit my dog, and helps me to come up whit ideas of tricks to teach my dog =) (i got a shetland sheepdog)
My sister just got a Nova scotia duck tolling retriever to =) they're really amazing dogs!
i add your bloggsite to mine if thats okay? =) interesting to read and learn so much ;D