torek, 08. april 2008

Frisbee seminar

On Saturday I spent the whole day in Ajdovščina on a frisbee seminar.

The seminar itself was 2 days long but I only managed to come on Saturday due to school on Friday. I'm still a bit sad I was only there one day, because it was AMAZING!

The seminar was lead by Jakub Stybr and his "Czech team" and they all did a wonderful job and were really helpful. Me and Wi learned a lot, especially me (about my throwing). I also got some new ideas and some feedback on our work so far.
I was a bit worried about Wi's jumping because I tough she landed a bit to soon with her tough end but apparently her jumping is great and not "suicidal".
I also made some new friends on the seminar and even saw 2 Tollers - mother and daughter.

Zip (6 months old Toller)

The weather conditions were good despite the weather forecast. It was sunny and maybe a bit to windy at times but we all enjoyed it.

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