petek, 25. april 2008


Finally the holidays are here! A whole week just for me and the dogs. I just hope the weather will be nice too.

Tommorow I'll probably take the dogs and go bikejoring in the morning and then a nice, long walk in the afternoon.
On Sunday me and Wi are going to see Dee - the newest Toller addition in Slovenia.
Monday were off to Bohinj for soem hiking and swimming (especially for some swimming!) and for the rest of the week we don't have any plans yet. I could catch up on some reading...

Oh, I'm also dogsitting Lizzie for 3-4 days so Wi is definetly going to have a blast (and I'll be able to practice taking photos of black dogs).

Yesterday Wi was with me at school again and I saw how my dog is actually in need for some trick training before class. Everytime she came with me to school we did lots of tricks before class and she got tired enough and didn't make a noise almost all day! But yesterday I was underr a lot of pressure and stress becouse I had to study for something I had 2nd hour. And for the whole 1st and 2nd hour (while I was asked) she kept whinning and looking at me, she even bought me my classmate's slipper. After the 2nd hour we did some tricks and she was happy wnough to sleep through the rest of the school hours. She also managed to ripp the legs of her Chicken Cuz (see post below) and to give him a new haircut.
But as long as he still squeaks and bounces I don't really care. My foult really for letting her have it for a longer period of time (she can get very destructive...even an original Kong isn't safe from her).
After school we went on a 4 hour walk. Something we both enjoyed even tough the weather was a bit hot and I had to carry around my heavy school bag.

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