torek, 29. april 2008

New kid in town

Meet Foxy red Dee the Dreamworker aka
She came from Germany to Slovenia this Sunday and is owned by a friend of mine that also lives in Ljubljana so me and Wi will se her often.
She's really cute and more open than Wi was at her age. She's also lighter than Wi and has a liver nose.
She's already started her puppy classes and clicker training and so far it look really good. She's very eager to please and figures things out really fast. She's a bit picky with food (altough she attacks and searches my pockets and hand whenever she gets a chance). She also met a phesant (I bough Wi's with me) and we did a little cliker in. She was really eager to work thing out and after a short session she was so tired she slept for and hour.

The first contact...
Dee and Wi met for the first time on Sunday. Wi at first didn't show any signs of noticing Dee. She was more interested in Dee's squeky toy bird so I had to lock the toy into Dee's crate and even then Wi kept staring at it. Psycho dog...
But after some time they aterted to play a bit and their game became more and more rough so I had to stop Wi from time to time when she got a bit too rugh. Dee also tough Wi had some milk and tried to get under her and look for it a couple of times. Wi was so confused.
Then we went outside where we let them go and we had a smaller photo session of both of them. While Wi was feching her newest toy
Dee was cuddling and looking for shadow under me and Lenka. She also managed to steal Wi's new toy and they also played with each other again.
All in all it was a great day and I think both dogs enjoyed it.
Once we got back in Dee went to sleep again...and Wi was looking for the squeaky toy or any other toy that she could find.
It seem that all toys that aren't hers are at least half more interesting than hers.

More photos of Dee and Wi

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