sreda, 16. april 2008

Little steps

Yesterday Wi went into the water without me incouraging her to go in and without spending 30 minutes deciding where to go in. Thanks to an advice from a friend of mine ( thanks Maja! ) I didn't say a thing and just kept throwing sticks into the water. And after a few minutes she "clicked" and just went in...and evey other entry in the water was better and better.

I also took a video with my mobile phone:

You can also see at the end how crazy she gets when she gets out of the water.

My little clown.

I also forgot to take a leash with me to the training...again. It wouldn't be a problem othervise because I always go straight into the car after the training but yesterday I went on a walk after traininag because dad was picking me up 1 hour later and then I carried Wi across the streets and near busy roads.
Before he came to pick us up we were sitting near a store and were doing some tricks and some older people stood near and watched her and gave her a lot of compliments and applouse. The handstand was by far the most popular one.

Older videos of 2 new tricks
"Under the blanket"

"Wrap yourself in a towel"

Recent photos from this week

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Main pravi ...

Great clips and great pics! The one where Wi is looking from behind the tree is brilliant! That new camera is already paying off! :D

Sally pravi ...

GREAT PICTURES, great camera. I wish I could figure out how to post a picture back on the site. Wi and my dog Canon are so similar in structure and looks.

They are so much fun.