sreda, 04. junij 2008

Catching up

It's been a while since my last post here. I still have one more week of school work ahead of me but then (hopefully) I'll be done untill next school year.

And now some quick updates on what was happening in the last month.

On 17th Wi passed her PNZ exam (test of natural abilitys)!
She got 39/50 point. We would get more if I wouldn't be her handler and woulnd't make some really stupid mistakes. But at least now I know what are problems are and what to work on untill our hunting exam and hunting competition in autumn.

Wi learned some new tricks. Here's one of them:

I promisse I'll try to get someone to tape our newest tricks.

In agility we started doing the dogwalk in course. So far she has showed a little progress. She still needs to get more confident on the dogwalk. We're also doing the teeter as the final obstacle (Polona is still holding one end). She really loves it now and really speeds up when she sees that it's the next obstacle. So hopefully we're be ready to compete in Ljubljana on the 21st of June.

Target training
Today I tried out a target stick with base. Here are 2 videos on which you sadly can't see the target but you can see how fast Wi is when she's going towards the target. Little red torpedo.

Some random photos

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