ponedeljek, 09. junij 2008

Soriška planina

Yesterday we went hiking to Soriška planina and it's nearby hillls and to see some bunkers.
The weather was nice despite some rain showers and strong wind. There was even a little sun after noon. We both ha d a really nice time. I was mostly chatting and enjoying the view and WI was running around and playing with Amelie (Parson terrier).
We also went into 3 bunkers. Wi was very comfortable in them and was climbing in and out of line openings and she even managed to crawel through 20cm holes.

I really hope we'll repeat this soon.

And today I was feeling really well (no muscle pain after yesterdays 5 h walk) so I ran additional 0.5km in the morning. That would bring to a total of 4.5-5km (I really need to get a watch to know exactly how much I run).

And it feels good.

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