torek, 24. junij 2008

Hiking, agility & dogs

Last week we went on some longer walks and one of them was a hike on Blegoš. Me and Maja (and the dogs) were almolst the only people there, the sun was shining and the wind wasn't to strong so we really had a great time.

On Saturday Wi ran in agility competition for the first time!
She was a test dog since her teeter performance isn't good enough yet. But next Saturday we're going to compete for real. I hope I'll be much calmer...
Wi's speed wasn't great but that's partly my fault. I was too nervous to motivate her enough and I even managed to forget where slalom was (that's why she missed it).
Her speed was about 3.8 m/s I'm hoping she will have at least 4 m/s on our next trial.

And...from Sunday on I'm dogsitting Lizzie and catsitting Ahti and Aino. And from today on aussie Ginny has joined our pack for a few days.

It's never dull around here.

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