ponedeljek, 30. junij 2008

Agility competition in Domžale

On Saturday we competed for real.
In agility I was really nervous and my handling wasn't anything at all. Wi started better than last aturday but stopped dead right before the teeter. She didn't want to go on it at first but eventully she got on. She also missed slalom entrance a few times. My fault since I was so nervous I was sending her in at the wrong place. Should have stayed behind and let her find it herself.
And she also stopped infront of the dog walk. I think she tought it was the teeter again since she didn't even want to step on it. She slowed down a lot at the top but relaxed in the middle and even started to run again on the down plank. We really need to practice on more dogwalks and teeters so she gets used ot them.
In jumping she was again in a good mood and I was less nervous. After 2nd jump she wanted to greet the judge but I called her off before she could do that and I again blocker her way in slalom. But we got through with 10 penalty points and some points for the time. But I was really happy with her performance. Way to go Wi!

We have our next competition in a few days and then we can rest for about 2 months (no competitions in Slovenia).

Some photos from Ljubljana (photos by Tina Šolar):

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