ponedeljek, 18. maj 2009

Agility trial in Ložnica

Last Saturday we competed at an agility trial in Ložnica.
It was really hot and we hadn't trained in a while so I wasn't really expecting anything.

In agility she ran nicely but she's still holding herself back at trials. She can be a lot faster in training. But compared to her first trial almost a year ago, she's getting faster.
Agility was quite easy. I was only worried about the teeter and later on dog-walk since it's quite common for her to stop at the beginning of the dog-walk if she did the teeter before it. This time she didn't stop at the bottom of the dog-walk. However she was still slow on the dog-walk too. After the competition we did the dog-walk a few more times and it was better.
She missed the contact on the dog-walk and we got 5 points.

In jumping she hit the weave entry nicely and we got a clean run.
In the end we finished 3rd.

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Main pravi ...

Very good! Congratulations! The photos are good too.

tjara pravi ...

Hey, cool! Congrats!