četrtek, 25. junij 2009

Summer update

We're still alive.

A few weeks back Wi got stung by a bug and got some allergic reactions around the eye. As a result she scratched all the hair out in that area and the it's still not as good as it was before (skin is still sore at times and very dry). She had limited activity at that time since I had to be really careful when I placed her "lamp" (she had it on to prevent her from scratching that area) off since she started to scratch almost immediately (got a lot of bleeding and scars above the eye from those moments).
Now we're getting back in shape, working on the big ball and balance discs, swimming, running, cycling, hiking...

We haven't done much agility in a while now. But the last time we did some teeters and they look really cool now. Her confidence on it is really big now and she showed me that she's starting to understand what her job is (driving to the position and target the floor with her nose).

We also had some demonstrations in the last 2 months. Some for little children, some for not so little children. She also helped me with a clicker training presentation a few days back. She mostly just sat on the chair next to me as I gave my presentation, but she showed a lot of self-control as I placed some of her favorite toys (and some food) on the table. Next week we'll have a 2-days workshop at a children church camp. I don't have a full program set yet but I'll have to adjust it anyhow, depending on how many children and at what ages will want to come to it.

We have also been doing a lot of tricks lately and obedience exercises (for Austrian Class 1). Hopefully we'll be ready to compete by autumn (the have scent discrimination and "box" exercises in first class and Wi doesn't know them yet).
I might do a trick video soon since they are starting to pile up. Some of them are really cool.

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TJara pravi ...

Wow, wonderful pictures of Wi. I wish I could go to the beach that easily!

Polona pravi ...

They're not taken at a beach but by the river called Soča. The most beautiful river in Slovenia. :)