sreda, 01. julij 2009

Cool new trick

Actually it's not a "new" trick but a pretty good generalisation.
Here it is:

Yap, she actually weaving through children's legs. It took us a few tries to get the right spacing and to keep everyone still but she did it! What's more, I could stand away from her (like in order to get this photo), give her the command and she would do them by herself.

I don't have to say how much children loved this?

She also jumped over them while they were kneeling, walked over their backs, ran through leg tunnels, jumped over their arms, searched for them all over playground, played with them...

4 komentarji:

TJara pravi ...

OMG, that's so cool!

Laura pravi ...

Wow! I wish I could see some video of her having fun with the kids!

Andreja pravi ...

Jaz pa poznam te noge ;-)
Otroci so res vsi uživali. Pa še kdaj kaj pripravi.

Suki pravi ...

Oh that is so wonderful.
Wi is such a talented dog!