nedelja, 26. oktober 2008

Time flies

Wi at 20.5 months, 15.4 kg

We haven't been to competitions in over a month now. We're planing to start competing again in December. Her jumping is better now, but still not what I strive for yet. But we're making progress and that's what's important.
She started to be more independent on dogwalks. We still need to work more on her slalom independance and start working on turning after the dogwalk again.

We attended an obedience seminar with Mia Skogster. I learned some new things and we got some compliments on our work and some advice on how to make Wi's turns better and her recall faster. So far she has improved a lot and we're probably going to start training for Class 2 excercises during winter and then go to some competitons abroad in spring.

Dummy training
Now we train with friends and their dogs every Sunday and I'm really happy with Wi's work. She's showing a lot of style, has almost completly stopped whimpering - she only does it when I release her, isn't "killing" furry dummys anymore and searches with so much enthusiasm I can't help but smile.
Today we did some sending over thick cover so that she learns to really go straight through it and not to search for entrys and exits around it (she loses her mark when she does this).

We haven't been in mountains a lot. Mainly becouse I have problems with my back but ocasionally we still managed to go with some friends.

I'll try to upload more often from now on.

'Till next time...

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Main pravi ...

Good luck with your back. I hope it will get better soon.

Love your pictures. Wi is a pretty lady!