sobota, 24. januar 2009

New additions to our lives

Yesterday I got my new lense.
Canon EF 85 mm 1.8 USM

And I got 6 new books from Amazon.

4 komentarji:

Main pravi ...

Oh... nice objective!! Great pics!

Great books too! Makes me want to go and order some of them too. :D

Polona pravi ...

They're really good books. I'm waiting for some more books from England and some DVDs.
After that I think I'm good 'till summer.

Devan pravi ...

Great pictures! New lenses are always fun. I hope this means we get to see more of Wi!

Orfea pravi ...

Aaaaa...kjera lepa slikca s črnim labradorcem ;) nam ti jaz po engelsko...ker pol bom mogla skos popravljat ;)