nedelja, 09. maj 2010

Our first agility trial in A2

Yesterday we had our first agility trial in A2 category in Ptuj.
In agility Wi was runing really well (considering we had no trainings and she only jumped at that height about 3 times before) and she didn't knock down any bars. We got 5 faults for the jumped contact on the dogwalk but I was expecting that. We were able to practice some more on the dogwalk after agility and she hit the contact everytime, each time it was a bit better. :)
In jumping I handled her really bad and she knocked a bar so we got 5 faults and some points for the time.
Overall Wi was 3rd. :)

She also managed to steal some pastrys...I don't think we have been to a trial where she didn't steal someone's food...she also tried to eat adhesive tape, probably thought it was some kind of a treat.

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Congratulations on your result :).

Sunday once went and stole a huge chunk of BACON from somebody at the trial...