četrtek, 06. januar 2011

Welcome 2011!

We're still alive. :)

Wi got a part in a movie so now we're busy training for it (we start filming sometime in February). She's going to be the lead actor's smart family dog and she'll have quite a few scenes and actions so we need to train a lot.
We also try to fit in as much hunting trainings as possible. Mostly it's with Pix's littermates.

Little Pix is now 3 months old and is looking more and more like his mom.
9 weeks
He's a really eager student and loves to learn. :) He can't stay still for 2 seconds so we're mostly doing behaviors with lots of movement. He loves to spin and walk backwards. He also loves to walk between/over/below my feet. He retrieves everything from hard palstic toys (Duplo LEGO animals), keys, plush, fake fur...if he can hold it and drag it back, he'll do it. :)
He's also really good at collage. He usually falls asleep as soon as the professors start to talk and wakes up as soon as the break starts - an average student behavior? :)
We're also workiong a lot on self-control, especially with toys and Wi. He's already showing very nice self-control with food so now I can have the kibble cup open by my side and he won't even look at it, let alone try to steal something out of it.
12 weeks

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