torek, 22. julij 2008


More hiking photos from this Sunday:

We're going hiking again for the whole day on Saturday. I hope I'll be able to post some photos on the blog before I leave for the specialty.
I also ordered a new crate for Wi and a new sleeping mat. I'll pick everything up at Wi's breeder. We also got some new toys from England and Germany in the last few days. Cuz toys (Ruffians) rock!!! The Bear Cuz must be Wi's favorite toy so far. She also likes her Tug-A-Jug, but she's still moving around the house too much while she plays with it (and bangs it on the floor and walls).

I'm also really happy with Wi's obedience training. Her heeling is really almost like I want it to be. She still needs to learn how to keep the same style of heeling (she looks like a marching horse) even if a go at a slower pace or in new environment. I'll try to practice heeling everywhere we will stop along the way (we will be driving for 3 days one way (Slovenia-Sweden) so I'm sure we'll have lots of opportunities to train.
In obedience we're in the first group and we're on 4th. I finally know which exercises there are (Thanks Fanny!!!) and except for the teeth examination (she might jerk her head if she won't be able to have eye contact with me) I'm feeling really confident that she will do all the exercises really well.

I also have some new videos of Wi's running contacts. I just can't find enough time to put them all together tough. Maybe today in the evening... but they're really looking good and she's 100% on them when in straight line. We haven't done any turning after the dog-walk yet. But we're now training various crosses and right now she's making her contacts no matter where I make a cross (before or behind). She drives forward very nicely and now I'm doing 2 contacts in a row (jump, contact, cik/cak on the jump, contact, reward). Her cik/cak after the contact are really nice. I hope I have some of them taped.

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I absolutely love your pictures! Always a joy to see them.