ponedeljek, 28. januar 2008

Blood & wounds

A few days ago Dora was attacked by another dog. She got 4 wounds around her neck and shoulders, 2 of them have already healed. She's her normal self so that's a relief. She doesn't seem to be affraid of dogs or the place where she was attacked. Now we just need to wait for other 2 wounds to heal and her hair to grow back (I had to cut a lot of her hair off to even see where the wounds were and clean them).
That's it about the "wound" part.

Now about the "blood" part...Wi went in heat yesterday!
Yesterday I only saw a few drops of blood on her bum, but today you can see her red bottom from far away (when her tail is up).
On the side Wi's kelpie friend Ra also went into heat on the exactly the same day (she's younger by a few months). I think this proves it that they're telephaticly connected.

petek, 25. januar 2008

Sunny walk

Today me and Wi went on a walk with Urška and her Lu.
We did some contacts before we left and 2/5 contacts actually looked like these (taken at home):

2 were her "usual" contacts (front paw at the top of the contact, pushes off the middle with hind feet) and one was a really ugly one.

And some photos form our walk:

We also played with frisbee yesterday.

nedelja, 20. januar 2008

Agility competition in Gornja Radgona

Yesterday me and Wi went to an agility competition in Gornja Radgona. The competition was held indoors and due to a very low number of competitors (less than 100) everything was over faster than usually (and the had 3 runs instead of 2!).
Wi was mostly chasing around with dogs outside or doing tricks or sleeping in her box inside. She wasn't distracted at all so I was really happy about this. We also did a bit of heeling and she did really well. Her position is a lot better now but we still need to work on some details.
The competition itself was really lovely and we really had a great time. I also managed to catch up with some people.

Lenka was again with us and so was her camera. I'm already looking for a new camera myself but right now I just can't afford what I want.
And here are some photos from yesterday...

I also saw a 10 weeks old pyrshep puppy (blue merle bitch)...
I'm still waiting at least 3 years for my little pyrshep though. But it's hard whit all these cute pyrshep puppys around.

ponedeljek, 14. januar 2008

11 months

Here's a fresh video of Wi:

I'll try to write some more after I get back home from school.

sobota, 12. januar 2008

A new thing

From now on I'll write this blog in english.

No new photos this time...sorry. There's too much fog in Ljubljana to make any decent photos with my little Nikon CP 3200.

Yesterday I went on a quick agility tranining with Wi. We only did the contacts on the dogwalk. Lately we haven't done much training except on a short plank at home (the long one is to slippery when placed at the right angle)...Anyway the first few contacts we're the "ugly ones" (she only makes the contact with 3 feet at the upper part of the contact), then she did some really nice contacts (at least 4 feet, once even with 5, one front leg at the lowest part of the contact), the it got worse again but the last 4 were perfect.
We also did a few cik&cap before she ran the contacts and she did almost all of them really tight and very fast. She seems to have faster and tighter turns if she knows that the next obstacle is either the dogwalk or the tunnel.
On Wednesday we also had agility training. I was almost walking since we have so much mud there even the dogs can barely run and turn without slipping (Wi fell yesterday and you can guess how pretty she look when she got up). We did a few jumps + tunnel combinations and some slalom training (the weaves are almost in a straight line now) and teeter training. I wanted to do some contact training at the end but when everyone else finished and me and Wi went to do the dogwalk everyone let their dogs loose and we couldn't do anything since one BC decided it's really fun to herd Wi and block her way on the dog walk and other find it funny to steal her ball (Wi's reward). You can guess I wasn't happy about this.
Next time we'll have to do it at the beggining or in the middle... which means the training will last a bit longer for everyone but at least they won't be able to complain about me not putting the obstacles back into the hut like everyone else (or mostly everyone else). Even though I do help and mostly still manage to put more obtacles into the hut than some others. So much about me being the "lazy one".
Yeah I needed to get that one out.

Wi learned a new trick - lifting her both right feet. She does it almolst 50% without the wall/chair/my arm as support.
We're also doing the "diagonal legs up" trick. So far she still leans on me a lot with her front paw but she already did it a few times without my help.
Here are the few other tricks we're currently working on:
  • "Sniff" or "the other kind of bow" - I saw this trick on youtube (performed by a BC called Asia)
  • Backward 8 - We're almolst there with this
  • Backward slalom through my legs
  • putting a leed on a plastic bowl
  • Getting into a really small bowl
  • Balancing a treat on her nose
  • Pushing away from my body and making a 180° turn in the air (she already does this but she needs to jump a little higher and push off a little more)
  • Crawling
  • Lifting just her right back leg
  • Putting her pwas into small rubber circles
  • Walking sideways with crossing front paws
  • Chasing her tail
  • Sk8 (almolst done with this )
  • Shaking her whole body
  • Yawning
That's it so far.

sobota, 05. januar 2008

Danes sva šli z Wi še na en "skupinski" sprehod. Tokrat je bila zaseba Wi, Dora, Taffy in Kana.
Nekje na sredi smo srečali Katjo in njena flata Odija in Lady. Ker je imela sabo tudi dummyje sva z Wi naredili tudi manjši trening in Wijino prvo vlečko, ki jo je zelo zelo lepo naredila. :-D