ponedeljek, 28. januar 2008

Blood & wounds

A few days ago Dora was attacked by another dog. She got 4 wounds around her neck and shoulders, 2 of them have already healed. She's her normal self so that's a relief. She doesn't seem to be affraid of dogs or the place where she was attacked. Now we just need to wait for other 2 wounds to heal and her hair to grow back (I had to cut a lot of her hair off to even see where the wounds were and clean them).
That's it about the "wound" part.

Now about the "blood" part...Wi went in heat yesterday!
Yesterday I only saw a few drops of blood on her bum, but today you can see her red bottom from far away (when her tail is up).
On the side Wi's kelpie friend Ra also went into heat on the exactly the same day (she's younger by a few months). I think this proves it that they're telephaticly connected.

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Main pravi ...

Again, GREAT pictures!!

The trick with all feet in the food bowl looks too funny!! :D