sreda, 19. avgust 2009

So hot...

...too hot to do much outside, except in the early morning and late afternoon.

We had a frisbee photoshooting in the beggining of August and it was a lot of fun. But I also found out that I'm really going to have to buy a new camera body since my 350D's shutter is getting slower and slower and sometimes shuts down completly.
We also had this fun little Irish terrier girl joining us for a week. She and Wi got along really well and even tough I couldn't work with them as much as I wanted (studying) they didn't caouse any problems and behaved really well. I did some shaping games with her, some playing on the balance disc, nose targeting, 2on 2off position...

Wi's bald patches no her back and chest are almost all overgrown with fur now. She managed to chew her front foot tough so I guess one bald patch goes and a new one should appear? She's not chewing any new spots now so hopefully that's over with.
We're working on a canine freestyle choreography. So far I'm still looking for a song but I already have a few picked out. We're also doing more on distance work and we try to do some elements in various environments if we get the chance. And we started on side movements since that's our weakest spot.

Currently Max is still on holidays with me. No photos of him yet...but soon.

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