sobota, 05. september 2009

Slovenian agility 2009

Today was the last trial for Slovenian agility cup.
We didn't have our best day. The lack of training showed quite a bit and in jumping I was so tired I actually forgot the course while running...and Wi's alergie is getting worse so before jumping I didn't even know if she'll manage to run the course without stopping to scratch. So after the run we went home where she got her sattelite back on and managed to calm down.

Even tough we didn't have a good run today we still finished 2nd overall in A1 large category!
Tired Toller with her cup :)

This is our last trial for this season. Our next trial will be in December (Winter cup) in A2 category. Hopefully we'll get over with her alergies by then...

3 komentarji:

TJara pravi ...

Get well soo, Wi!
And congrats on 2nd place!

Main pravi ...

I am sorry to hear that Wi has problems with allergies. That is a big pain. :(

Congrats on the second place. That is really excellent for a team that isn't topfit! The photo is beautiful!

Steffi pravi ...


get well soon again Wi!
I really love her working and your videos!! ;-)

Many greets from Luxemburg,
Stefanie & Kelpies