ponedeljek, 23. november 2009

November update

I've been really busy with university the last 2 months and I couldn't find enough time to update here.

Not much has happned since last update, except that I'm now really busy with university. Wi's alergies are now gone and the only reminder are some hairless spots on her legs, thighs and stomach.

We're mostly doing our homework for our Targets & Shaping virtual class at LAD.
And we go hiking, whenever we get the chance.

3 komentarji:

Laiyen P. H. pravi ...

HOLA!, I found your blog for a video in youtube. I'm from Mexico and I want a nova scotia, but in my country do not exist! xD :(
It's great the love and care you give to your Wi (?). One day I'll make a nova scotia happy like you do with your dog, and I will document their lives as you do here haha it's so cool..
Congratulations for your beatiful dog ;]
(sorry for my "english") xD

Pit pravi ...

How is Wi doing lately? An update is long overdue!

Suki pravi ...

I was wondering where you take those online classes.
Could you send me an email please?