ponedeljek, 06. september 2010

Just a little bit more

and we're going on this year's hunting exam (September) and competition (October).
We trained everything (land, water, track, search) and did it with duck, pheasant, rabbit and even did a retrieve of a stuffed fox (little bigger than Wi). :)
She's a lot calmer while waiting by the water, but that was without any shooting during the training. She normaly gets really high and loud if there's any shooting so we'll try to get at least one traiing with shooting in before the exam.

Some photos:

We're also getting ready for the retriever specialty show that will be held with the European dog show. Hopefully her hair will grow back a little bit in the spots where her allergy is the most visible. Luckly this year we got away with no hot-spots. :) She'll go to my friends for a few days (she'll handle her at the show) while I finish stuff at the university and go to a seminar.

We did some agility last week. I'm loving her teeter, no more hasitation at all! :) She's flying on it and loves to do it. Her dogwalk contacts have gotten worse so that's our main focus through the fall (we won't go to any agility competitions since they clash with our hunting exams/uni stuff) and hopefully she'll be back in trial for the winter cup. :)

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