nedelja, 10. oktober 2010

Big news!

Last Saturday Wi participated at the Slovenian Retriever Clubshow (9 Tollers enters, a record) where she got excellent and CAC in Open Class (under judge Lena Hägglund). Wi's nephew Naali (Nanaimo Arctic Naali, son of Wi's half-sister Mo) was also there.

Naali & Wi

This Saturday Wi participated at a hunting competition which also counted for titles CACT and CACIT.
She did all tasks quickly and almost without faults (she dropped both rabbits, I'm guessing the first one was out of inexperience for carrying it such a long way (we only traied at about half that distance before) and the other one was because she got stuck in thisk bushes and thorns so she dropped the rabbit, then picked it up again and jumped over the obstacle). She also moved out of down in a sit while I moved out of her sight folr a few minutes while they shoot 2 times, but I knew this will happen since we didn't train it enough (and if I left her in sit, she would stand up).
In the end she got 197/204 points which was enough for 1st reward class and 1st place among 9 dogs! So she also got her first CACT and CACIT!

Very VERY proud of my little red girl!

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