ponedeljek, 17. november 2008

Back on track

Wi's recovering really fast. She's her happy old self again with the exception that she's still not allowed to jump. Sometimes during the day she forgets about this, jumps, yelps and sulks in at my feet for a while. Then she forgets about it...until next time.

Yesterday I took her to dummy training. I took some blankets with me and I wrapped her in them so that she was warm and I put a shirt on her to protect her belly. She was supposed to only watch the training (there were more dogs) and be patient. At the end I hid one dummy for her at the edge of the forest and then I let her search for it.
She was so happy.

We're doing some "boring" tricks now...they're mostly related to empty cups of dairy products. Most of the tricks we're shaping will appear in her new trick video which will hopefully be done in 2 weeks time.

Almost forgot to add that now WI has a whole bowl of homemade treats. I was in a baking mood yesterday and I made her some cheese & sesame sticks.

2 komentarja:

Devan pravi ...

Oh good! I'm so glad she's feeling pretty much back to normal. :)

Main pravi ...

Glad she is recovering so fast. And doing tricks isn't boring, is it? It always looks as if Wi is enjoying it. :)