četrtek, 13. november 2008

Sad news

We went to the vets yesterday becouse dogs were still acting as tough Wi was still in heat (for 12 weeks now) and she was (or still is). She has been in heat for 12 weeks now. And she has a bacterial infection. So now she's on antibiotics and tommorow she's getting spayed.

We shaved her belly for the UZ and she was horrified.

At home she wanted to show everyone how poor she is and how dreadful her belly now looks (ant to show she's not sleeping on it anymore).

Today she refused to go anywhere near taller grass or off the path in the woods and when at home she gets on a pillow and wraps herself around it with her tummy to keep it warm.

3 komentarji:

Devan pravi ...

Poor Wi. I hope she feels better soon!

Anja pravi ...

hope Wi gets better soon

Main pravi ...

Poor Wi. :(